WONDER WHEEL (2017) is ingeniously directed by Woody Allen

In the 1950s, in an amusement park on Coney Island, a marriage is shaken after the return of the husband’s beautiful daughter who is running from the mob. Four lives intersect: Humpty the husband; Ginny (Kate Winslet) his wife; Mickey, a lifeguard studying to be a playwright; and Carolina, trying to start a new life. This exchange between Ginny and Mickey is telling:
“What are you gonna write?”
“Plays about human life. Great tragic plays where the protagonist gets crushed because of some fatal weakness.”
These lines are a hint by director Allen, who wants us to ask — “Will the characters in this movie be crushed by the forces of fate ?”
One tragic facet of this film is its IMDB rating of only 6.2. It its raw exposure of the human soul, the film might be too honest to be popular.